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Our Story

The Institute for Values-Based Leadership at Royal Roads University began as the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership.  Here Peter Thomas speaks about how he came to launch this work.

The Institute is now in partnership with a wide range of people and organizations who are dedicated to making a difference in communities, organizations and the wider world through fostering leadership that balances healthy self-interest and the common good.

Some milestones in our history:

2009    Canada's National Values Assessment and membership in the National Values Coalition established by the Barrett Values Centre; we were represented in Stockholm (2009), Asheville (USA) (2010), and Sopron, Hungary (2012). 

2010    The Institute partnered with Intersol Group to conduct two organizational Cultural Values Assessments.

2011    An academic text on the learning process through which fundamental shifts in values-perspectives occur, Emergent Learning for Wisdom  written by Marilyn Taylor, was published by Palgrave Macmillan. (April)

2011   The graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership was launched. (Novermber)

2012   The Institute presented a public lecture by Richard Barrett, "The New Leadership Paradigm" (January)

2012   Partnered with the Barrett Values Centre and the Vancouver Board of Trade, the Institute held a Vancouver Forum on Leadership for a New Economy in Uncertain Times, sponsored by TDCanada Trust, Royal Roads University, and the Peter and Rita Thomas Foundation. (February)

2012  The Institute organized the Canadian Premiere of "R-Evolution" in Vancouver and a second screening at Royal Roads with its Executive Producer, Gillian Wright, of the World Servers Foundation in Geneva.  (April)

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